The More The Better – Briar, Dallas and Cypher

Here’s another one of those much requested bisexual threeways. Tommy was feeling a bit under the weather this week, so we asked him to set us up with a couple of his friends that he knew would give us a great show. Meet the 23 year old Cypher, the 25 year old Briar and the 20 year old Dallas. Tommy has known the trio for a couple of years and has had his fair share of ‘experiences’ with them. Cypher is straight, Briar likes men, and Dallas gets whatever she can. One night Dallas brought home Briar for her and her man, Cypher, to have some fun with. They three get naked and go to town. Cypher pleases Briar; Briar pleases Cypher while Dallas tends to both of them, making sure her man has the night of his life. Tommy sure missed out on this one.</br></br>Enjoy another smokin’ hot bi-threeway!
Bisexual Stories of The More The Better   Briar, Dallas and Cypher

Tommy D Bisexual Double Penetration Goodness

Bisexual Stories of Tommy D Bisexual Double Penetration Goodness

Tommy got Ruby to do a three-way with him and muscled-wrestler Hoyce.

Thing is, this isn’t just your run of the mill three-way, Ruby also agreed to be DP’ed. For those of you who don’t know the porn-lingo, DP = double-penetration. Yes, one in each hole.

Hoyce and Ruby start us off with Tommy watching as they make out and undress. As Hoyce is sucking Ruby’s pussy, Tommy chooses to make his entrance into the bisexual action, shoving his cock in Ruby’s face…she eagerly devours it.

When the time comes, Tommy gets behind Ruby as she’s riding Hoyce’s cock; he slips his finger in, and then replaces it with his lubed up hard-on, right into her asshole.