Sleeping Beauty – Kenny n Mia Lelani n Cody Cummings

Bisexual Stories of Sleeping Beauty   Kenny n Mia Lelani n Cody Cummings
Have you noticed that Kenny, the hunky 22 year old that has a baby-face has finally been talked into sucking some cock? Well, if you haven’t seen any of his hot bi-sexual action yet, this is the scene for you! Not only do you get to see Kenny, you get to feast your eyes on the ultra-stud Cody Cummings and his hot girlfriend Mia Lelani play around in an amazingly hot bisexual suck fest.
The action starts with the sleeping Mia being woken by the hands of both Cody and Kenny exploring her body in lust. Once awake, she decides this has the potential to be a fun thing, so she gets on her knees and begins rubbing the two horny guys right were it counts. Once the three are naked, all bets are off. First she sucks Cody, then she sucks Kenny…then Kenny sucks Cody as he licks Mia.
When all is said and done with, Mai’s covered in cum and Kenny and Cody are satisfied.
So far we’ve managed to get Kenny to suck some cock, next up will be Cody. You think we can get that straight, hot stud to do it? We’ll see…
Enjoy these three as they get down and dirty!

Tommy D Get It Bisexual 3 Way

Bisexual Stories of Tommy D Get It Bisexual 3 Way

It’s time for another fine TommyD bisexual 3 way scene.

Who are the fine specimens this time? None other than the 6’3′ ripped hunk Zack Cook and the blonde bombshell Kelly Summer.<br/><br/>This cum dripping scene starts out with Tommy introducing Zack, then letting his buddy get to know Kelly a bit better; meaning that he sat back and stroked his cock while Zack gets the girl naked and begins doing dirty things to her. After a few minutes, Tommy joins and the two take turns making out and rubbing the cute girl.

Of course this wouldn’t be a real TommyD scene without hot bisexual action, and this update delivers this. The two guys swap blowjobs and Tommy gives his buddy a rim job.

This and much more in the newest video.