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Lindsay has played soccer since she can remember, what she loves most about playing is the rush she gets from running across the field. When Lindsay started dating one of the men from the guys soccer team she loved soccer even more because being out on that soccer field reminded her of one of her favorite things to do. After a good match her boyfriend would come over and they’d wait for everyone to leave and then they’d start fucking right there in the park! There was nothing like the feeling of fucking right there out in the open on the soccer field!

Lindsay and her boyfriend were fucking out on the pitch one day after they thought everyone had gone home when one of her boyfriends friends showed up. Well it turns out that he was a lot more than a friend because as he dropped his pants he started to kiss her boyfriend and then he slid his chubby meaty weenie deep inside her vagina too. Lindsay couldn’t beieve how amazing it felt to have two big sausages inside her twat and she was begging them for more as she watched them teasing each other!

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