Get A Free Blowjob!!

Bisexual Stories of Get A Free Blowjob!!
We’re setting up a fella by the name of James. They told him a while back about the free gloryhole blowjobs and like a fly to shit, he came a runnin. He saw our girl and had his dick through the hole quicker than you can blink. Too bad he doesn’t know how we role here on Ungloryhole!

I’m Gonna Get This MoFo

Bisexual Stories of Im Gonna Get This MoFo
The revenge updates just keep coming! I’m starting to think Johnny doesn’t have a lot of people on his good side. Mitch was a buddy of his, until he decided to start fucking his ex-girlfriend. Mitch broke one of the cardinal bro rules. His punishment…the UngloryHole!

First Times The Charm

Bisexual Stories of First Times The Charm
Hey guys just chiming to give you a great welcome to my little corner of the world wich I affectionately will be calling the Unglory Hole. Why is that my you ask? Well watch and see. I assure you you will not be dissapointed. This first update I have for you promises to be one hell of a ride and it will only get better from here on out. So stay tuned and happy fapping!

Our Boy Jimmy

Bisexual Stories of Our Boy Jimmy
wassup guys!!!!
Welcome back to the ungloryhole!!!!!
Today i bring you a friend of mine….. Jimmy, who always wants to be in one of our adult films so what better than the ungloryhole for Jimmy huh? He too got to see our little bait beauty and his pants came flying off!!! I hope he never sees this update LMAO,………….

A Nervous Nelly

Bisexual Stories of A Nervous Nelly
Everyday another sucker is born. So we didnt have to look very far to find this one. In fact, he found us. He actually answered one of our ads, the poor bloke. It seemed like he might back out there for a second but like most of them all it took was a little persuasion. We had CHerry as the bueatiful bait and Tucker was the DIck sucker. That boy can suck some dick.

They Don’t Have This Is In Texas.

Bisexual Stories of They Dont Have This Is In Texas.
So this week we found this kid Jake. He responded to one of our internet ads. Jake is from Texas and he was fresh of the jet and still wet behind the ears. He was a bit skeptical when he showed up but I convinced him everything would be okay. From there we went in the back room. He dropped his pants and got a killer BJ. Just not from who he expected. He still has no idea. I’m guessing he will soon!

The Douche Gets Hosed

Bisexual Stories of The Douche Gets Hosed
Today we got this real douche bag of a dude that does not ask too many questions!! So we couldn’t wait to exercise some righteous justice on him!! Anyway folks, he actually got a glimpse of our Bait’s huge tits through hole "which never happens" so you know now he was too happy to pull his dick out RIGHT AWAY!!!!! Boy was he excited :) and we were laughing our asses off!

Cameron Is Happy Again !!

Bisexual Stories of Cameron Is Happy Again !!
Cameron came over to the sex shop thanks to the ad we placed. Once he was there he was ready to go in the back and get his dick wet. We gave him a quick preview of the lucky contestant who will be sucking his dick, but you already know the deal — it’s Unglory Hole! You know we have to play the switcharoo on him. Tyler comes off the bench and gets straight to work. Lesson learned: never stick you dick into a hole; you may never know who actually sucked your dick.

Credit, Forget It!

Bisexual Stories of Credit, Forget It!
There’s something glorious of the unglory hole. Just ask Max. he think today is his lucky day. Thes always sexy Alexis faux put her tits through the hole and puts her mouth up to the hole. Little does he know, once he sticks his cock through Spencer wraps his lips clamping down sucking away. Max feels like he’s in heaven. Eyes rolling to the back of his head until busting a nut. What a happy camper. Enjoy!

Barely Legal

Bisexual Stories of Barely Legal
I got this really young guy to come with me to the glory hole today. He was a bit nervous but he’s young, and he just wanted to enjoy a blowjob from a hot chick… LOL! He got a great BJ from another dude, but had no fucking clue! He said he was gonna come back soon… got him hook line and sinker! He busted a big load and walked out of there a happy camper!