MMF Fucking Fun

Bisexual Stories of MMF Fucking Fun

Lindsay and her boyfriend had been talking for a while about making their deepest darkest fantasies come true. They had even looked through some mature classified ads to find someone to help them create their hottest sex fantasies but when their new neighbor dropped in to introduce himself things just progressed from there. As they sat on the couch talking both of the guys started to lean in to kiss Lindsay and what could have been a very awkward moment turned in to a delicious bisexual fuck fest instead! Lindsay started to kiss them both at the same time and as their tongues touched both of the men knew that they were going to have a lot of fun together!

Lindsay didn’t waste anytime in getting naked and once she had stripped off and the dudes were fighting for her delicious body it wasn’t long before everyone was naked. As the men teased Lindsay’s pussy they occasionally rubbed each others rock hard dicks as well. As Lindsay slid her neighbors cock deep in to her vagina she took out one of her toys as well and started to toy her boyfriend’s tight puckered ass until he couldn’t take any more!

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