A Mans Man

Bisexual Stories of A Mans Man
So this week Diego contacted me. He’s the muscular player type. There’s nothing gay about this guy. He loves the ladies. So naturally getting his dick sucked by a stranger is right up his alley. He was a little nervous at first but after a few reassurances he was game. He loved getting his dick sucked. All the while he had no idea who was on the other side of this glory hole.

Mouth Busting

Bisexual Stories of Mouth Busting
Another day, another dumbass at my disposal. I met up at the glory hole spot with this Italian guy who is really hyped to get his dick sucked by a hot chick… he’s all about it and once he gets into the booth our boy on the other end stars chomping down on his meat hot and heavy. He busted a nut in his mouth, the whole time imagining it was a hot girl.

He Don’t Know About Camera!!

Bisexual Stories of He Dont Know About Camera!!
It’s still a big secret about UnGlory Hole. No one knows where it is, or what actually goes on here, but our friend Trent was invited. He has no clue what he just got himself into, except that he will be getting his dick sucked. If only he knew who was actually behind the hole getting his dick hard. Good thing for us, it doesn’t take much to get a guy to stick his dick in a hole. Enjoy!

Romero Finds Out What The Ungloryhole Is!

Bisexual Stories of Romero Finds Out What The Ungloryhole Is!
Rmoero is here to get his cock sucked. Lucky him, Romero gets the chance to experience the infamous Ungloryhole. Looking for a thrill. He sure as hell came to the right place. Ungloryhole is where it’s at when it comes to getting the best cock sucking of your life. He’s about to witness greatness. He’s reallly convinced that Alexis Faux is doing the sucking, but tricks on you kid. Erick is about to clamp down on Romero’s cock and suck away. By the looks of it the Ungloryhole wins again. Enjoy!