Bisex Puppet Holes

Bisexual Stories of Bisex Puppet Holes
Mistress Mara shows Her rope skills and lashes slave #1 to the stock while he is seated. She gets his legs spread with a pair of pantyhose as ties. She is eager to punish the big cock laying between his legs and wastes no time in applying Her own sadistic brand of CBT with the black crop. He is obliged to kiss Her latex covered ass as Her tight hips sway and smack on his face. Some ass kissing humiliation and She whistles slave #2 in to start his cock sucking duties under Her stern gaze. He sucks and swallows all the cock down to please Mistress Mara as She guides his head, smacks his ass and belittles Her cock sucker. Now, it’s time to put him in pantyhose. Mistress Mara is an evil bitch. The evil game of sucking and cropping continues as She orders the hard sucking and cock swallowing and then punishes his cock and balls for liking the suck job the other little bisex puppet is administering under Mistress Mara’s direction. So fun and so evil. Next She maneuvers a huge butt plug into slave #1. She wiggles it and teases him and then plunges it all in. She orders slave #2 over to function as a human bench as She sits and plays with the sensations She is directing with the enormous anal device in Her bent submissive.
Director: Steve Lake
Starring: Mara Mayhem

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Bi Threesomes Are Fun – But Moresomes Can Be Interesting

Terry and Lou was a horny couple who were always after a fun time. This being Friday night they were on a bus heading into town. The weather was balmy and quite warm, so it was no surprise that Terrie was wearing a halter top, and short black skirt, her hair was tied back so that it didn’t blow across her face and she wore her flat black sandals so that her feet were comfortable when strolling around town.

They sat at the back of the bus, cuddling and kissing their way into town. Suddenly there was a guy sitting next to them. Terry looked at him and smiled, Lou leant across Terry and shook hands. This guy was a friend of Lou’s, he had gone to school with him and boy he sure was cute. Terry and Lou looked at each other and invited him to tag along. Lou pulled Terry to him and continued kissing her, touching her breasts through her blouse, while Lou’s mate Sam looked on admiring the two lovers.


Tommy D Pound Some Man-Ass

Bisexual Stories of Tommy D Pound Some Man Ass

Tommy’s number one goal is to please his fans. Second, he’d like to have a blast doing it.

This week, Tommy wanted to experience something he hasn’t had a taste of in a while; he wanted to pound some man-ass. Ruby and Tim decided to help our friend Tommy out.

With a dick to suck, a pussy and an ass to fuck, Tommy was on cloud 9. This bisexual scene is filled with dirty talking, ass-pounding, cum squirting fun for male and female alike.

So enjoy another fine Next Door Studios Production starring everyone’s favorite bi stud TommyD!

Tommy D Bisexual Double Penetration Goodness

Bisexual Stories of Tommy D Bisexual Double Penetration Goodness

Tommy got Ruby to do a three-way with him and muscled-wrestler Hoyce.

Thing is, this isn’t just your run of the mill three-way, Ruby also agreed to be DP’ed. For those of you who don’t know the porn-lingo, DP = double-penetration. Yes, one in each hole.

Hoyce and Ruby start us off with Tommy watching as they make out and undress. As Hoyce is sucking Ruby’s pussy, Tommy chooses to make his entrance into the bisexual action, shoving his cock in Ruby’s face…she eagerly devours it.

When the time comes, Tommy gets behind Ruby as she’s riding Hoyce’s cock; he slips his finger in, and then replaces it with his lubed up hard-on, right into her asshole.


A Lucky Bi Friend

Bisexual Stories of A Lucky Bi Friend

Tommy wanted to fulfill his friend Fox’s fantasy before he left town.

What is Fox’s fantasy you ask?

He wanted to be in a sandwich; fucking a girl and getting fucked by a guy. Sounds good to us.

Ruby volunteered to be the girl; I’ve been told she has a thing for Fox…who wouldn’t?

After it was all said and done, Tommy, Ruby and Fox, were very satisfied, and Fox got to live his fantasy out. With tongue sucking, cock stroking, ass fucking and TWO massive cumshots, you will be hard from start to finish…and every time you think of it while driving or at work.


Tommy D In A Steamy Bisexual Treesome

Bisexual Stories of Tommy D In A Steamy Bisexual Treesome

This week we stopped by the local bar with Tommy and ran into our old friend Trevor and his girl Dakota.

After a few drinks and some sweet talking, we had Trevor and his lady friend ready to let Tommy join in on their fun. Tommy, as we know has a tendency to swing both ways, but Dakota was in the dark about her man Trevor’s lust for Tommy until she had to fight Trevor for Tommy’s cock, just minutes after taking Trevor’s massive cock away from Tommy.

These three get hotter for each other than we have seen for a long time. Trevor has ‘something’ for Tommy, Tommy has ‘something’ for Trevor, and they both have something for Dakota.

Nobody is left unsatisfied in this,’s very first exclusive BI sex scene.

Tommy D In A Bi Treesome

Bisexual Stories of Tommy D In A Bi Treesome

This week, Tommy has decided to bring back Ruby to have some straight fun.

If you remember, Tommy hasn’t hookup up with Ruby on camera for quite some time.

This isn’t your basic sex scene though, as the pair gets a visitor halfway through their fun. Being watched isn’t something these two are afraid of, and actually, Tommy’s turned on by it. So while Caleb watches through the sliding glass door, Tommy and Ruby make it more hot. Tommy even lets Ruby give Caleb a stroke and a suck, before being called back to the bed for some more pounding.

Tommy impresses with one of the best facials he’s ever given a partner. Very hot.


Rod Plays Up

Bisexual Stories of Rod Plays Up

Oh no! Rod Daily has lost another bet. This time to his pal Cody Cummings. Rod’s a big Lakers fan and he always routes for his team. He was so sure they had it in the bag that he told Cody he’d suck his dick if they lost! Well guess what…Rod’s gotta pay.

And if Cody thought all he was getting was a little noggin from Rod, he better think twice. Rod told his lady friend, Brittany Amber to drop by too. That means the Code man’s really gonna have some fun. Now Rod’s gonna have to share this delicious boner!

Rod was pretty smart to bring Brittany along. She’s not letting Cody get a piece until he kisses Rod! Since Cody’s not usually into that, this is a very rare moment. Rod’s a lucky devil this time.


Tommy shares Deni’s cock with Kelly

Bisexual Stories of Tommy shares Denis cock with Kelly

Tommy was feeling really frisky this week, so we thought it’d be hot to throw 2 people at him to play with. That’s where Deni and Kelly Summers come into play.

Tommy watches Deni and Kelly go at it first before he jumps in the mix after getting naked. Tommy shares Deni’s cock with Kelly before letting his buddy fuck her. They take turns slamming her before they both unload their balls all over the busty beauty. Enjoy!