Bi-sexual Threesome Fun

Bisexual Stories of Bi sexual Threesome Fun

Layla and her boyfriend had been talking for a while about having a threesome. Layla had originally thought that her boyfriend wanted her to go with another hottie and him but the more they got to talking the more she realized that he wanted to fuck a boy with her and she was even more excited. It wasn’t that Layla didn’t like pussy but she loved cock even more and the thought of taking two knobs on at once got her pussy dripping and sexy. Finally last week Layla got in touch with an old college boyfriend and asked him if he’d be interested in a little kinky sex play.

The night that Layla’s ex-boyfriend showed up both she and her boyfriend were nervous and excited at the same time, neither of them could wait to have a strangers dick in the bedroom. It didn’t take more than a drink or two for everyone to loosen up and soon Layla’s boyfriend was laying flat on his back taking a chubby dick up his tight ass and Layla had a mouth full of her boyfriends sausage, watching him taking knob in his ass!

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