Soapy Fun In The Shower

Bisexual Stories of Soapy Fun In The Shower

Tommy’s a whore, Kenny’s a slut and Ruby just likes to have fun…

Or something like that. Anyway…

We bring to you a bisexual threesome or meacutenage agrave trois as some call it, featuring Tommy and…you guess it, Kenny and Ruby.

These three young horn-dogs loves messing around together and do it all the time off of camera. Today though, they will be getting’ freaky for all of you to enjoy.

Kenny was in need of some soap for his bathroom so he decided to see if Ruby, who was in the bathtub, could help him out. Once in the bathroom with Ruby, he notices Tommy taking a shower. Tommy, being the nice guy that he is, offered to help, but his requirement is that Kenny join him in the shower. And that’s where it all begins…

All three of them are naked and horny. They swap BJs and then take turns pounding Ruby’s pussy. In the end, Tommy has blown his load all over his girl’s face, and Kenny cums all over both of them. Enjoy this bisexual three-way scene!

Lick, suck and fuck their way

Bisexual Stories of Lick, suck and fuck their way

Coco Velvet and Rod Daily are looking at add somebody special to their bedroom fantasy. Coco has been online searching for the right guy to invite over so Rod and she can enjoy some hot threesome action.

After hours of searching she finds TommyD and gives him a call. Rod is excited as well and they both hope he arrives fast because they just can’t wait. Well, TommyD must live really close to their location because he arrives faster than superman.

Now the party can start. Rod loves to make Coco happy and TommyD loves to make everyone happy. These three sexy beasts swap, lick, suck and fuck their way to orgasmic bliss.

Coco gets a pounding from both the men and Rod jumps on TommyD’s man pole to blow a hot creamy load while TommyD has Coco sitting on his face for a cum blast to remember. Enjoy!

Friendly Sharing – Jessie Cox – Trystan Bull – Rod Daily

Bisexual Stories of Friendly Sharing   Jessie Cox   Trystan Bull   Rod Daily

Trystan Bull is feeling like one lucky man right now. We made him a site dedicated to the Bull himself and he is loving every minute of it that he wanted Rod Daily to come over so he could share some thoughts on it.

Surprisingly Rod brought with him the cute friendly Jesse Cox. Rod is a good friend and loves to share. Once Jesse knew what the plans were for the day she couldn’t keep her hands of Trystan.

The trio kick back for a quick minute and then Rod and Jesse give Trystan the break he needs. This friendly scene gets messy at the end with loads of cum and sweat dripping off these hot bodies.


The More The Better

Bisexual Stories of The More The Better

Here’s another one of those much requested bisexual threeways. Tommy was feeling a bit under the weather this week, so we asked him to set us up with a couple of his friends that he knew would give us a great show. Meet the 23 year old Cypher, the 25 year old Briar and the 20 year old Dallas. Tommy has known the trio for a couple of years and has had his fair share of ‘experiences’ with them. Cypher is straight, Briar likes men, and Dallas gets whatever she can.

One night Dallas brought home Briar for her and her man, Cypher, to have some fun with. They three get naked and go to town. Cypher pleases Briar; Briar pleases Cypher while Dallas tends to both of them, making sure her man has the night of his life.

Tommy sure missed out on this one.

Enjoy another smokin’ hot bi-threeway!