Swinging Bi Couples: Caught In The Act

Bisexual Stories of Swinging Bi Couples: Caught In The Act
If you like BI SEX then see this DVD now! One scene has the girls making out at the bar when the boys enter the room naked and let the girls have a BLOW BANG while the guys enjoy some COCK themselves! Another scene has the girls walking in on an ALL MALE fuck fest and the girls DEMAND to let them have fun too! Taking their cocks from each other’s mouths, the boys agree of course and use the girls’ mouths and holes as their personal CUM DUMPS! Have you ever witnessed a bi couple sneak into another couples’ bedroom while they sleep and use the man’s cock as a PLAYTOY while he sleeps next to his girlfriend? You will here and finally, two cocks are NOT enough for theis BI BOY as he sucks off some total strangers in his daddy’s house while he’s away for the day! This is a great home-made video and like we say… you BETTER like BI SEX if you view this one!
Director: Marvin Morgan

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