Men First Time With A Shemale

Bisexual Stories of Men First Time With A Shemale

Mark was at a wild night club last night when he met this blonde woman there. He knew there was something different about her, he even had a feeling that she was actually a he, but that intrigued him even more. The next afternoon, Mark invited this mysterious female over to his house for a swim. When he saw her in a bikini, his questions were conformed, she was a shemale and she had a bulge in the front of her bikini bottoms. Some studs may have ended the afternoon right there, but Mark was curious.

Check out these wild photos. Mark would never think of giving a blowjob to another boy, but here he was giving oral pleasure on the side of the pool to this tranny. She even gave him a oral sex too and he had to admit it was the best blowjob he had ever received. This shemale wanted to be drilled and Mark was more than willing to do it, she was soon bent over taking Mark’s weenie deep inside of her ass.

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