Bisexual Threesome With A Strap On Dildo

Bisexual Stories of Bisexual Threesome With A Strap On Dildo

This definitely isn’t your average threesome! Last night, the guy in the middle of all of this invited his friend over. The plan was that the two of them were going to fuck his girlfriend. She had a different plan though. She wanted to be one of the ones doing the fucking. She wanted to see her boyfriend getting penetrated by another man. That’s what really turned her on. That was her fantasy and it was about to come true. Check out these wild photos from this bisexual threesome. It may have gone the way he expected, but I think this stud definitely enjoyed every moment of it!

The action started with the boyfriend watching as his girlfriend get fucked by his friend. He loved that, but he wasn’t expecting her to put on a strap on sextoy and wanting him to join in. Nervously, he climbed on top of his girlfriend and the dildo slid into his tight ass. It was the first time that he had ever his ass fucked and he loved the way it felt. It wasn’t long before he was getting fucked by his friend, it felt even better with a real fuck tool then just a strap on. He had never had any bisexual fantasies but now it was all he could think about.

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Bi Sex Party 24: Bi-Bang Pool Party

Bisexual Stories of Bi Sex Party 24: Bi Bang Pool Party
A dozen bisexual party fuckers bring the heat! The best reception is a BI Reception! Fashionable fucked up bisexual insanity! This crew of over a dozen sexy ass bisexual freaks has just finished attending an important event, so they’re all dressed to the max in their suits and dresses, but now it’s time to unwind and go absolutely bi-orgy wild! Thirteen of Europe’s hottest and kikiest bisexual fuckers can’t be wrong, and you’ll soon agree as you see them stripping down and fucking their brains out in this poolside bisexual event! Join in on all the bisexual debauchery and see for yourself just how hot and hard a Bimaxx sex party can get!
Studio: Eromaxx
Series: Bi Sex Party

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Bi Curious Couples 6

Bisexual Stories of Bi Curious Couples 6
Bi Curious Couples has quickly shaped up to be one of the best and most acclaimed series in bisexual hardcore entertainment. In this installment we have found five more horny couples who are just dying to have a hot three some, but in this situation the men are also looking for some hard cock to fill them up. Why settle for ordinary sex when you can get the best of both worlds at the same time.
Director: KK

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Bisexual Christmas Present

Bisexual Stories of Bisexual Christmas Present

The holidays came early for this fuck starved dude. His girlfriend let him unwrap his present last night. He had a bisexual fantasy and his girlfriend made it come true for him. He’d had this fantasy for so long and he couldn’t believe that it was finally coming true. That night, she invited one of her friends, a man that she knew was bisexual over for one very wild threesome. Check out these pics from this intense threesome.

It wasn’t long before all three of them were completely naked and exploring each others bodies. The boyfriend was so turned on by the bisexual boy and his body. He couldn’t wait to see what it felt like to have his butt drilled by this dude. Soon, the bisexual friend was fucking boyfriend, while he was fucking the girlfriend. The boyfriend had never felt such excellent pleasure in his wife. At one point they switched too. The boyfriend was fucking the dude while he was fucking the girlfriend. It was a wild night of pleasure that none of them will ever forget.

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A Threesome With A Catch

Bisexual Stories of A Threesome With A Catch

This blonde boy couldn’t believe his luck when this smoking pretty brunette started hitting on him at the dance club the other night. She was fuck addicted and she told him that she wanted him to come home with her. But there was a catch. She had a black boyfriend and he wanted to watch! He thought about it for a few seconds and decided that it was still to good to pass up. Check out the wild pics from this interracial threesome.

It started out simple enough. She had the guys sit on the couch and she got between them. She took turns going down on both of them, but he couldn’t help but noticing that this man kept starring at his sausage. He didn’t think much of it until later when she was fucking her boyfriend and he reached out and started to stroke his rod! He didn’t know what to do and he felt himself turned on being touched by another dude.

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Bi Sex Party 25: Built For Bi

Bisexual Stories of Bi Sex Party 25: Built For Bi
BiSex Party Vol. 25 features guys and girls going wild in a sexual frenzy. They’ve got more than a dozen bisexual hunks fucking hard in this orgy. Hot European girls like Kirsten Plant show these working class studs exactly what they’re made of. There are absolutely no limits or boundaries, which makes for an unlimited amount of uninhibited bisexual fun. Everyone is up for grabs, and no one’s going to be left out!
Studio: Eromaxx
Series: Bi Sex Party

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