Bisexual Six Person Orgy

Bisexual Stories of Bisexual Six Person Orgy

Check out these hardcore pictures from this wild six person orgy. I’ve seen some sexy crazy action at Bisex Planet but I think this tops it all! There’s a party going on down stairs, but these two friends found there way upstairs to one of the bedrooms. It’s the first lesbian experience and they’re having a lot of fun rolling around the bed together and licking each other’s soaking moist love buds.

But then one of their boyfriend’s finds them and wants to join in. He’s soon drilling one of them. He fucks them both, but it’s not long before they’re joined by three more people. That’s when it gets really wild. Snatches are getting pumped. Weenies are getting sucked by fellows and women. One guy even gets his tight ass nailed by another man. It’s his first gay experience too.

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Boyfriend Gets Penetrated In The Middle Of Bisexual Threesome

Bisexual Stories of Boyfriend Gets Penetrated In The Middle Of Bisexual Threesome

Check out these pics from this very wild bisexual threesome. We all know that every boy has a threesome fantasy of being in the middle of two fuck addicted girls. What we don’t hear about as often is the fellows that have threesome fantasy involving one girl pie and another guy. Well, this stud has a girlfriend, but he still has fantasies about being with another boy. For his birthday, the girlfriend decided to make it come true. She invited her gay friend over for a few drinks with them and one thing lead to another.

Soon clothes started coming off and he had a look at this dude’s meaty cock. Soon, he was fucking his girlfriend while the gay friend was fucking him. It was his first time getting ass nailed and he loved it. They nailed in all sorts of positions, the whole time he was getting his ass pumped. It was a wid pile of bodies, hard weenies and sweat juicy everywhere.

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Bisexual Birthday Present

Bisexual Stories of Bisexual Birthday Present

Check out these hardcore pics from today’s Bi Sex Planet adventure. This horny girlfriend had a special surprise for her boyfriend this year. She knew that she had some bisexual fantasies, so she decided to make it come true for him. She invited over a few of her gay friends. When he came home that afternoon, they were completely naked and waiting for him. You should’ve seen seen the grin on his face. He knew that his girlfriend had arranged it and it really turned him on.

It wasn’t long before the boyfriend’s clothes were coming off too. He soon had a sausage in his ass for the very first time. Not just any dong either – a large black penis. Later on, the girlfriend came out and joined in on the fun. She was soon sharing a penis with her boyfriend. They were both taking turns sucking on it. It was even better than he had imagined. This is one birthday, that he’ll never forget.

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Bisex Threesome With A Strap On Sextoy

Bisexual Stories of Bisex Threesome With A Strap On Sextoy

Check out these pics from this wild and steamy bisexual threesome. These two gay guys had a fantasy where they were joined by a girl pie. This blonde doxy was more than willing to join them. It starts with one of the hottest 69 positions that I’ve ever seen. She’s sucking one men knob, her pussy is getting eaten by him, while the other fellow fucks his lovers tight ass!

She loves giving blowjobs, but she brought a long a surprise. She takes out a strap on dildo and puts it on. Soon, she has one boy riding her dick. It’s her first time ever fucking a man and a she loves it. At the same time, the gay twink that’s getting his ass drilled is sucking his lover’s knob. When it’s all over, she has a stomach covered with two loads of hot jizz.

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Bisexual Threesome With A Strapon

Bisexual Stories of Bisexual Threesome With A Strapon

Check out this wild bisexual threesome. For a long time, this boy has had a secret fantasy, he was straight, but was curious about what it would be like to be with another stud. For his birthday, his girlfriend set it up. She invited her gay friend over and he was more than willing to help satisfy this bisexual fantasy.

At first, we get to see this bicurious stud getting fucked in the ass by his girlfriend! Yup, you read that right. She put on a strap on and fucked his tight ass. Then the gay friend joins in, he puts his rock solid cock in front of the boyfriend’s face and soon it’s getting sucked. Soon their in a wild mess on the floor, asses are getting drilled left and right, everyone is getting oral sex. It’s incredible to watch!

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Bisexual Threesome On The Pool Table

Bisexual Stories of Bisexual Threesome On The Pool Table

Check out this glamorous and steamy bisexual threesome. She knew that her boyfriend had some bisexual fantasies, so for his birthday she decided to make it come true. She had a friend that was gay and that night she invited him to come over. I think it turned out even better than any of them could’ve ever imagined.

It started with a game of pool, but it wasn’t long before they were playing a different game. Soon her boyfriend was naked on the table with the other guy aiming his strong cock at his virgin backdoor. Even the girlfriend was getting turned on by this! She decided to join in by getting into a sixty-nine position with her boyfriend while he was getting his ass pounded. Then in the end, they both ended up covering her with their cum. She loved it.

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Gay Lovers And Their Horny Female Friend

Bisexual Stories of Gay Lovers And Their Horny Female Friend

Check out these incredibly nice-looking images from this bisexual experience last night. Shanna was going to go out dancing with her two gay friends, but they never made it out on the door. Something weird happened on the couch. One minute, the three of them were talking, planning out their night. Then the next minute, the three of them were making out. Shanna was incredibly turned on, even if they were both gay, she wanted to give them her snatch.

It’s not long before her clothes come off and the fellows started exploring her body. For both of them, it’s the first naked female that they’ve seen in a few years. Soon, she’s going back and forth, giving blowjob to both of them. Then one of them starts to penetrate her vagina, while she continues to suck the other boy’s cock. He likes the blowjob, but he has an even better idea. He takes out a black sextoy from the bedroom and wants Shanna to fuck him with it!

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MMF Fucking Fun

Bisexual Stories of MMF Fucking Fun

Lindsay and her boyfriend had been talking for a while about making their deepest darkest fantasies come true. They had even looked through some mature classified ads to find someone to help them create their hottest sex fantasies but when their new neighbor dropped in to introduce himself things just progressed from there. As they sat on the couch talking both of the guys started to lean in to kiss Lindsay and what could have been a very awkward moment turned in to a delicious bisexual fuck fest instead! Lindsay started to kiss them both at the same time and as their tongues touched both of the men knew that they were going to have a lot of fun together!

Lindsay didn’t waste anytime in getting naked and once she had stripped off and the dudes were fighting for her delicious body it wasn’t long before everyone was naked. As the men teased Lindsay’s pussy they occasionally rubbed each others rock hard dicks as well. As Lindsay slid her neighbors cock deep in to her vagina she took out one of her toys as well and started to toy her boyfriend’s tight puckered ass until he couldn’t take any more!

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The Pool Game Bet

Bisexual Stories of The Pool Game Bet

Leslie and two of her man friends had reserved the poolroom at her apartment complex for some pooltable fun after a long day at work. Things were set up for a hell of a night of unwinding with a case of beer, lots of snacks and the pool table ready to go. As it turned out though the more beer they drank the more they unwound and the more they unwound the stranger the events got. It was definitely a night that they would all remember for a very long time!

After things started getting crazy they all started making bets on what the others had to do if one of them won the next game and the last bet made before things got out of hand was that if Peter won then Leslie would have to fuck Cal on the pool table. Peter won. Leslie, being a woman of her word told Cal to strip off and lay on the table, he did and Leslie stripped and put her slit on his face as she reached down and started sucking his dick. Watching the two of them go at it Peter started to get a hardon and it was then that he decided he was going to join in the fun!

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Bi-sexual Threesome Fun

Bisexual Stories of Bi sexual Threesome Fun

Layla and her boyfriend had been talking for a while about having a threesome. Layla had originally thought that her boyfriend wanted her to go with another hottie and him but the more they got to talking the more she realized that he wanted to fuck a boy with her and she was even more excited. It wasn’t that Layla didn’t like pussy but she loved cock even more and the thought of taking two knobs on at once got her pussy dripping and sexy. Finally last week Layla got in touch with an old college boyfriend and asked him if he’d be interested in a little kinky sex play.

The night that Layla’s ex-boyfriend showed up both she and her boyfriend were nervous and excited at the same time, neither of them could wait to have a strangers dick in the bedroom. It didn’t take more than a drink or two for everyone to loosen up and soon Layla’s boyfriend was laying flat on his back taking a chubby dick up his tight ass and Layla had a mouth full of her boyfriends sausage, watching him taking knob in his ass!

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