Get A Free Blowjob!!

Bisexual Stories of Get A Free Blowjob!!
We’re setting up a fella by the name of James. They told him a while back about the free gloryhole blowjobs and like a fly to shit, he came a runnin. He saw our girl and had his dick through the hole quicker than you can blink. Too bad he doesn’t know how we role here on Ungloryhole!

I’m Gonna Get This MoFo

Bisexual Stories of Im Gonna Get This MoFo
The revenge updates just keep coming! I’m starting to think Johnny doesn’t have a lot of people on his good side. Mitch was a buddy of his, until he decided to start fucking his ex-girlfriend. Mitch broke one of the cardinal bro rules. His punishment…the UngloryHole!