Dreamy Bi Sensations

Kerry and I were invited to a private get together with both of us having to work, we agreed to meet each other there. I was told that there would be a few of us just meeting up for a cocktail party just for fun.. A party is a party and I am one who doesn’t turn down an invitation.
Bisexual Stories of Dreamy Bi Sensations

Work was pretty boring, so I left just that bit earlier, calling Kerry as I left the office to let her know that I would be waiting for her at Mark’s place. Kerry didn’t answer her phone, so I left a message and headed off to start partying.

Bi Threesomes Are Fun – But Moresomes Can Be Interesting

Terry and Lou was a horny couple who were always after a fun time. This being Friday night they were on a bus heading into town. The weather was balmy and quite warm, so it was no surprise that Terrie was wearing a halter top, and short black skirt, her hair was tied back so that it didn’t blow across her face and she wore her flat black sandals so that her feet were comfortable when strolling around town.

They sat at the back of the bus, cuddling and kissing their way into town. Suddenly there was a guy sitting next to them. Terry looked at him and smiled, Lou leant across Terry and shook hands. This guy was a friend of Lou’s, he had gone to school with him and boy he sure was cute. Terry and Lou looked at each other and invited him to tag along. Lou pulled Terry to him and continued kissing her, touching her breasts through her blouse, while Lou’s mate Sam looked on admiring the two lovers.