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The Pool Game Bet

Bisexual Stories of The Pool Game Bet

Leslie and two of her man friends had reserved the poolroom at her apartment complex for some pooltable fun after a long day at work. Things were set up for a hell of a night of unwinding with a case of beer, lots of snacks and the pool table ready to go. As it turned out though the more beer they drank the more they unwound and the more they unwound the stranger the events got. It was definitely a night that they would all remember for a very long time!

After things started getting crazy they all started making bets on what the others had to do if one of them won the next game and the last bet made before things got out of hand was that if Peter won then Leslie would have to fuck Cal on the pool table. Peter won. Leslie, being a woman of her word told Cal to strip off and lay on the table, he did and Leslie stripped and put her slit on his face as she reached down and started sucking his dick. Watching the two of them go at it Peter started to get a hardon and it was then that he decided he was going to join in the fun!

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